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Bright Solar Power LED Light Ever Brite Easy Peel and Stick



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EverBrite Motion Activated LED Outdoor Lights Whether you're approaching your front door at night or rummaging in the garage, you always need bright light to see your way. Everbrite does just that, using solar powered LED lights to stay lit up to 12 hours every night. Simply place it over the garage, shed or other outdoor areas to help keep your property well lit and ever bright

Contain :

Solar-panel LED lights with Motion sensor and On/Off switch

Adhesive tape

2 screws

2 anchors

What to Know :

Do not mount in a location that is continuously exposed to water.

The best location is facing south and should be in a direct sunlight in the morning and remain in sunlight all day.

Must charge for a minimum of 9 hours each day for the full effect of the LED lights

Description :

As Seen on TV

Instantly add visibility outdoors with the EverBrite LED Light

Easily peels and sticks to a variety of surfaces ranging from brick to metal


Increases in brightness when motion is sensed

Solar-powered LED lights

Weather-proof and durable

No batteries needed

Size : 11,4x8,5x4,1cm