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Tribal Patterns Waterproof Temporary Sticker Tattoo

Tribal Patterns Waterproof Temporary Sticker Tattoo


Rp 6.500,-


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Can use in the skin, metal ceramics, glass surface.
Printed designed patterns, color bright and looks like real tattoo.
Very good choice as temporary tattoo, body makeup, and also it can cover scar on body.
Easy wear and easy clean.

Size: 10cm
Weight: 2g

How to use:
1. Wash the position of body you want to stick this temporary tattoo.
2. Uncover the tape of this temporary tattoo.
3. Put the side of sticker with pattern to your skin.
4. Using wet cloth or something wet to press the sticker.
5. You may uncover the sticker to see whether the pattern is fully stick on your body, if not repeat the step 4.
6. Uncover it and finish tattoo.


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10 gr

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5 Pcs: Rp 5.200,-