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Sarung Tangan Proteksi Keamanan panjang sampai siku tangan

Sarung Tangan Proteksi Keamanan panjang sampai siku tangan


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Longer size with full protection
44% specialty polyester + 46% stainless steel wire +  9% polyester + 1% elastic line
Color: Black
1. Made of stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber.
2. With superior anti-cutting performance. Wear resistance and resistance to tearing performance.
3. Anti-cutting performance, knife resistant, anti-wear, anti-tear, flexible, non-slip, breathable, 4. Suitable for slaughter and processing, machinery manufacturing industry, construction industry, glass handling, sheet metal processing.
5. Material non-toxic, easy to wear off, breathable, flexible fingers bent.
6. Super slash/cut proof.
7. Soft and washable just like normal gloves.
8. Reduce the harm by sharp materials such as dagger, triangular scraper, glass, stone, etc.

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Berat Barang
200 gr
sarung tangan proteksi, sarung tangan proteksi panjang, sarung tangan proteksi sampai siku

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