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Dental Orthodontic Trainer Retainer Teeth Straight Alignment

Dental Orthodontic Trainer Retainer Teeth Straight Alignment


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Are you ashamed of smile because of your untidy teeth? Do you want to leave others an unexceptionable impression? Why not try this product? It arranges your teeth again gradually and change your bad breathing and chew habits. It is also easy to wash. Perfect for you!

Dental arch groove accords with the bidirectional mechanics principle. Tongue board prevents teeth malposition from tongue pushing. Tongue pusher holds back tongue and limit its position, changing breathing habit. Lip board retards mentalis contraction, straightening teeth effectively.
Has enough thrust force and is comfortable to wear at the same time. Suitable for even metaphase and severe symptom.
Made of soft silicone, odourless and nontoxic. Wearable and durable for daily use.
Can improve bucktooth, large tooth gap, malocclusion and even your chew habits. Wearing it at night can also relief odontoprisis symptom.

To keep it clean, you just need to soak it in mouth wash for 10-15 minutes. The small box we provide makes it portable during travel.

Please do not soak it in hot water over 70℃.

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teeth trainer, retainer, orthodantic trainer

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